CALIFORNIA is a mirage… the LOCOS are a manifestation of that mirage.

CALIFORNIA LOCOS began as a collective of artists- a manifesto of the unique DNA that was born in Southern California. LOCOS is a movement and embodies the innovation, multiculturalism and rebellious spirit of its hometown of Los Angeles, sharing the stories and crafts of its collaborative artists. It represents the roots of SoCal subcultures- from hippie to punk rock, surfing to skateboarding, tattoo to graffiti, lowrider to hotrod and lowbrow to fine art. Being a LOCO means being crazy about life, being creative, rebellious and open-minded to the ethnic and cultural diversities of our city and the world. Our skateboards are the “vehicle” to transport our message, and our language is universal- the language of ART.

 The Original Locos



The Original Locos

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