Gary Wong

GARY WONG is a profoundly confounding figure of monastic ubiquity with a penchant for character-based performance-art and Blues music. His life and his artwork are indelibly fused into a sort of performance of consciousness said to be “about jazz and baseball,” which nevertheless finds physical expression in exciting expressionistic collage, painting, photographs, and drawings.

Wong like many of the Locos is assertively a perspectival exemplar more than a producer of art objects — but one who nevertheless makes gorgeous images of saturated, rough handed elegance, and objects of visceral impact, often incorporating the symbols and signs of outsider, transnational identity into his program. Language, presence, and sound are important to Wong, for whom context and attention are the primary mediums of the esoteric dimensions of his practice, frequently deployed in support or service of colleagues and collaborators.

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West Coast postmodernism