Williams is a West Coast art icon and underground culture legend. Famed as one of the original Zap Comix artists alongside Robert Crumb but perhaps best known for his 1979 painting Appetite for Destruction, which provided both the title and cover art for Guns N’ Roses’ debut album. 

Robert Williams is well known as the pioneer of Lowbrow art, being seminal in the founding of Juxtapoz Magazine- the world’s most popular art magazine, as well as his work with Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and in the contemporary rock and punk scenes, having done the Guns and Roses controversial record cover bearing the image and title of his work “Appetite for Destruction”, as well as having high profile fans and collectors such as Anthony Kiedis and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Williams also launched the “Ratrod” movement with the hotrod, which currently bears the name “Prickly Heat”. Before being painted in its flamboyant hotrod race style, it was considered the first ratrod to hit the streets and in its rusted yet pinstriped and finalized state, sparked the movement. The Prickly Heat is paid tribute to by the Locos with a custom board, which emulates the colors and intensity of the car itself. 

Robert and Susan Williams alongside Locos’s founder Dave Tourjé and creative director Nano Nóbrega.

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